Stem Cells and Their Niches

Stem cell growth and proliferation are controlled by their specialized milieu, known as the stem cell niche, through direct cell-cell interactions and chemical signals emitted from the niche, according to research on embryonic and adult stem cells. The stromal cell ensemble and the factors produced by them, such as sticky signals, soluble factors, and matrix proteins, create the niche .While we have a good understanding of how adult stem cells interact with their surroundings, the essential components of the stem cell niche are still unknown. Furthermore, tissue-specific stem cells are anticipated to be found in particular niches that must be characterized further in each tissue. To advance in situ applications of in vitro fertilization, progress in understanding and building a stem cell niche will be required.

  • Intestinal stem cell niche
  • The hair follicle epidermal stem cell niche
  • Hematopoietic stem cell niche


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