Embryonic Stem Cells as a Powerful Tool

Embryonic Stem Cells as a Powerful Tool Photo

Embryonic Stem Cells as a Powerful Tool

Human embryonic stem cells (HESC) are pluripotent stem cell lines produced from human blastocyst-stage embryos' inner cell mass (ICM). They are defined by their culture's limitless ability for self-renewal. Furthermore, their ability to generate virtually any cell type in vivo and in vitro demonstrates their extensive developmental potential. HESC is tremendously essential in basic and practical research because of these two characteristics. They could also be an effective tool for understanding human development. By expressing developmentally controlled genes and activating biological pathways in the same way that they do in vivo, HESC can mimic embryogenesis. They can also be used to investigate the impact of individual mutations on specific developmental events, potentially allowing us to find crucial components.

  • Growth Factor–Induced Differentiation
  • Ectoderm Differentiation
  • Neuronal Differentiation
  • Mesoderm Differentiation

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