3D Bio-Printing and Organ Printing

3D Bio-Printing and Organ Printing Photo

Engineering, manufacturing, art, education, and medicine are just a few of the fields where three-dimensional (3D) printing is driving substantial changes. Biocompatible materials, cells, and supporting components can now be 3D printed into complex 3D functioning living tissues, thanks to recent advancements. To meet the demand for transplantable tissues and organs, 3D bio printing is being used in regenerative medicine. 3D bio printing has more complexities than non-biological printing, such as material selection, cell kinds, growth and differentiation variables, and technical obstacles associated to living cell sensitivities and tissue assembly. Engineering, biomaterials science, cell biology, physics, and medicine must all work together to solve these problems. Bio printing in 3D has already been used to create and test new drugs.

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