Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Research Director , Stem Cells
ReeLabs Pvt. Ltd , India
Biography :

Professor Oleksandr Kukuharchuk, MD, Research Director of ReeLabs Pvt. Ltd. He has guided research and clinical study in Ukraine: “In experiments and clinical study, to determine effectiveness of transplantation of stem cells, tissues of fetal and extra-fetal material and tissue therapy by Filatov in immune and onco-pathological process, pancreo- and colonogenic peritonitis, ageing and dysfunction of reproductive system”. He is author of the book “Stem cells: Experiment, Theory, Clinic. Embryonic, mesenchymal, neural, hematopoietic stem cells”. He was Director of the Coordination Centre for Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells of the Ukraine Health Ministry.

OCM Member
Beamline Scientist
Alba Synchrotron Light Source , Spain
Biography :

Christina S. Kamma-Lorger obtained her PhD in tissue engineering at Cardiff University, UK in 2007. Her PhD thesis focused on studying the healing of Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) flaps in the cornea and exploring possible ways of improving the healing of the tissue post operatively. Once she completed her PhD she was offered a 5-year post-doc funded by a Medical Research Council (MRC, UK) programme grant awarded to Prof. Meek in order to carry on her work in tissue engineering in the cornea using Small and Wide angle X-ray diffraction methods and electron microscopy. In 2012 she was appointed beamline scientist in BL11-NCD-SWEET beamline in ALBA synchrotron light source, Barcelona. Her research interests involve tissue engineering in connective tissues, bone regeneration and skin cancer. She has 29 peer reviewed publications in international journals, her publication H-index is 10 and she serves as a reviewer in a number of reputed journals.

OCM Member
Tissue Engineering
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University , Iran
Biography :

Nafiseh Baheiraei completed her Ph.D. in tissue engineering (with honors) at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. She has been working as an assistant professor since Nov. 2015 at Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran. She has been winner of many national and international awards and honors. Her current research interests concern antibacterial materials, cell therapy, bone and cardiac tissue engineering. More specifically, she is interested in novel electroactive biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. In recent years, she has focused on better techniques for fabricating new scaffolds containing electroactive moieties including carbon based nanomaterials.

OCM Member
Professor and Researcher
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana , Mexico
Biography :

Nohra E. Beltran has completed her PhD at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in 2006. She is a biomedical engineer, and she has been a professor and researcher at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana since 2008.She has published 16 papers, 6 patents, 1 book, and 4 chapters. Her research interests are cell culture and tissue engineering, biomaterials for medical applications, ischemia biomarkers, and gastric tissue damage.

OCM Member
Ass. Researcher
Biography :

Dr Anthi Ranella is an Ass. Researcher at the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH). She graduated the Department of Biology at the University of Crete. She received the Master degree in Molecular Biology and the Doctorate degree in Biomedicine from the Biology Department of University of Crete. She is currently leading the Tissue Engineering-Regenerative Medicine and Immunobiology research group at IESL-FORTH. Her current research interests are the Biomedical Applications of Laser in Tissue Engineering- Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics and Drug Delivery. Her research activities have led to the granting of 2 patents and have contributed to over 30 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, 4 chapters in scientific books and have been cited over 1300 times

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