Regenerative Treatment Models

The field of regenerative medicine encompasses numerous strategies, including the use of materials and de novo generated cells, as well as various combinations thereof, to take the place of missing tissue, effectively replacing it both structurally and functionally, or to contribute to tissue healing `The body's innate healing response may also be leveraged to promote regeneration, although adult humans possess limited regenerative capacity in comparison with lower vertebrates. This review will first discuss regenerative medicine therapies that have reached the market. Preclinical and early clinical work to alter the physiological environment of the patient by the introduction of materials, living cells, or growth factors either to replace lost tissue or to enhance the body's innate healing and repair mechanisms will then be reviewed. Strategies for improving the structural sophistication of implantable grafts and effectively using recently developed cell sources will also be discussed.

  • Tissue remodelling
  • Apoptosis inhibition
  • Cell differentiation
  • 3D tissue printing

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